How to Franchise?
Follow these easy steps!
1. You must look for your own location.
A. If the location is within the mall we require an award notice or lease proposal before our site evaluation.
B. If the location is in a busy street, terminal, school or campus, you must have a written agreement with the lessor that the location will be leased by you before our site evaluation.
2. Call our office for the schedule of site evaluation.
(02) 8-281-3635 | (02) 8-709-5288 | (02) 8-709-0901 | 09234419958
3. A 50% deposit of the total package price is required before the foodcart construction.
4. Owner will attend Business Operation meetings.
5. Selected crews will attend orientation and training.
6. Signing of Franchise Agreement.
7. Full Payment upon delivery of the foodcart.
Maming Gala's food cart design.

Maming Gala Cart

Flavors from the Master

  • beef siomai
    Beef Siomai
  • chicken siomai
    Chicken Siomai
  • japanese siomai
    Japanese Siomai
  • pork & shrimp siomai
    Pork & Shrimp Siomai
  • shark's fin siomai
    Shark's Fin Siomai
  • tuna siomai
    Tuna Siomai