Master Siomai began as Masterrific Foods back in 1999 as a company specializing in the production and distribution of processed meat such as ham, bacon, burger patties and siomai to its diverse clientele ranging from hotels, restaurants and market places. By the year 2007 the Company ventured into Food Cart and Franchising of its siomai products under the brand name Master Siomai and later on the company became MC MASTER SIOMAI HUT, INC.


Our Company

Since its founding as a food cart franchising business in 2007, MC Master Siomai Hut, Inc. has become the country’s leading manufacturer and distributor of siomai products. Contributing to the company’s phenomenal success is its use of state-of-the-art innovative equipment which allows for a faster, safer and more voluminous production. Having 800+ outlets all over the Philippines, Master Siomai has amplified its reach to different types of market.
Owing its success to its valued customers, the company commits itself to achieving its vision to provide excellent quality and safe meat products for the general consuming public. This is why Master Siomai is now GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certified, Triple “AAA” accredited and HACCP Certified previously by the NMIS or National Meat Inspection Service and now by the FDA or Food and Drug Administration of Philippines.
To ensure our continuous success and longevity, we have constant exposure through TV Sponsorships, Billboards and Trade Events participations. We are also a member of PFA or the Philippine Franchise Association and AFFI or Association of Filipino Franchisers, Inc. and participate in their events to further develop the industry.
Now with over 900 outlets, our continued growth has paved the way for us in launching three brand new Product and Franchising Concept;
  • Master Tempura Logo
  • Maming Gala Logo
  • Siogo Logo
The primary motivation of Master Siomai is to be approachable. We are driven to satisfy both the taste buds and pockets of the modern Pinoy with only the best products made from the best ingredients using innovated technology and a skilled workforce.

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Flavors from the Master

  • beef siomai
    Beef Siomai
  • chicken siomai
    Chicken Siomai
  • japanese siomai
    Japanese Siomai
  • pork & shrimp siomai
    Pork & Shrimp Siomai
  • shark's fin siomai
    Shark's Fin Siomai
  • tuna siomai
    Tuna Siomai