Master Siomai is a food cart franchising business developed by Masterrific Foods, an 11-year-old company specializing in the production and distribution of processed meat  such as ham, bacon, burger patties and siomai to its diverse clientele ranging from hotels, restaurants and market places.


Our Company

Still going strong seven years after it was established, the success and experience of Masterrific led it to another highly-promising venture in 2007 – a Food Cart Franchising. This gave birth to Master Siomai which grew to 550 outlets and counting to date. The company also has branches in major malls like SM, Robinson’s, Gaisano, Ayala, Gotesco, NCCC, Puregold, Waltermart and Savemore. Its rapid growth can be attributed to its very efficient system, high product quality, and exceptional personnel.  
One of the keys to Master Siomai’s sensational success is credited to its very own distinctive Japanese siomai – pork siomai wrapped in genuine Japanese seaweed specially topped with crab. To complement this feature product, our signature Japanese-inspired food cart is designed in a way that will contribute to the light and pleasant atmosphere that our patrons deserve.  Aside from these, we also take pride in our  delicious and flavorful beef, pork and shrimp siomai plus a thirst-quenching gulaman pandan drink to serve as refreshment. Other new and exciting products will be rolled in the future not only for the market to embrace, but for our customers to enjoy. 
The primary motivation of Master Siomai is to be approachable. We are driven to satisfy both the taste buds and pockets of the modern Pinoy with only the best products made from the best ingredients using innovated technology and a skilled workforce.

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Flavors from the Master

  • beef siomai
    Beef Siomai
  • chicken siomai
    Chicken Siomai
  • japanese siomai
    Japanese Siomai
  • pork & shrimp siomai
    Pork & Shrimp Siomai
  • shark's fin siomai
    Shark's Fin Siomai
  • tuna siomai
    Tuna Siomai